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   I grew up in Ukraine in the 90's and moved to Canada with my family when I was twelve.  I spent a lot of time watching TV as a child.  Not only did the fantastic worlds come to life for me, but I also gained insight into how they were created.  

   Making my own elaborate model aircraft and railroad for play, I dreamt of one day building model sets for sci-fi epics.  The best fantasy comes from the right combination of physical and virtual elements.  Noticing the trend in the industry, I dedicated several years to digital effects,  compositing and computer animation.  

   I started volunteering on sets at fifteen but had to curb my participation so as to attend my graduation and then university. The seed had been planted, however, and I still can not stay away from set. 


   Working with light always perplexed me as something you can not touch or even see until it touches you. I started as a grip to learn to shape and texturize light. Over time I moved into sparking, working my way up to gaffer on several feature films.


   Being a technician is humbling, hands-on work, that offers a unique perspective. I am grateful for the creative freedom I now enjoy as a cinematographer because of the things I learned as a grip and electric. 


   Off set, I always learn as much as I can about camera. Not only the technical and mechanical aspects, but also the aesthetic and emotional intention that goes into a well shot film. 

   I love filmmaking and I feel fulfilled in knowing that my work may one day inspire someone to do something great.

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